How Karmaayurveda aid to reduce creatinine levels from 6 to 2.4 through Kidney Treatment Without Dialysis?

Here are countless people suffering from serious kidney problems throughout the globe. And amongst them there are many who have lost all hopes, due to innumerable usages of high dosage medicines, and even being put to dialysis, without a single improvement in their health conditions. Instead, the situation keeps on worsening, with an increased influence of the side effects of high dosage allopathic medicine on the body, as an add-on.

In an attempt to make people aware about the guaranteed possibility of recovery from the disease, irrespective of the type and stages of kidney disease,  with a substantial improvement in physical levels as well as on reports. Puneet Dhawan, the Co-founder of Karma Ayurveda, through these videos, has taken an initiative to showcase the effectiveness of Kidney Treatment Without Dialysis in Ayurveda.

One more such effective case of Kidney Treatment Without Dialysis, is of Mrs. Manju Shah, who had lost all hopes of recovery, along with her family, to be ever able to walk properly or feel fit, but as her last and final hope, she opted for Ayurvedic Kidney Treatment Without Dialysis in Karma Ayurveda. The outstanding results (creatinine reduced from 6-2.4 mg/dl) in her reports and improvement in physical levels as well, made her regain all her lost hopes and relive a happy and healthy life.

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Kidney treatment without dialysis

Ayurvedic Kidney Care

Natural Kidney Treatment 

Ayurvedic medicine for nephrotic syndrome

Proteinuria ayurvedic treatment



  1. Karma ayurveda provides best ayurvedic kidney treatment..

  2. Karma Ayurveda has helped thousands of people in providing Kidney Treatment without Dialysis. It gives a permanent solution to all kinds of kidnKi diseases.

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  4. My uncle got ayurvedic kidney failure treatment. He is now free from dialysis.Thank u Karma Ayurveda

  5. Is ayurvedic medicine for kidney failure has any side effects?

    1. No, Neha ayurvedic medicine for kidney failure has no side effects.

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