How Artificial Medicines can Damage the Kidneys – Ayurvedic Medicine for Creatinine

Established in 1937, Karma Ayurveda is working with a vision of “stop kidney dialysis”, and has provided a healthy life to over 35000 patients suffering from kidney diseases. In today’s modern world, it is hard to believe the ancient concept of Karma Ayurveda as people are uninformed about the healing power of Ayurveda. Not satisfied with the allopathic treatment, Mr. Vijay Kumar one of the kidney patients from Mumbai, visited Karma Ayurveda in search of Ayurvedic medicine for creatinine.

 While searching for right kidney treatment in his hometown, he was always forced for an allopathic treatment. At last, the patient was asked to undergo kidney dialysis, which he wasn’t ready for. After, making up his mind to get an Ayurvedic treatment for his kidney Disease, Mr. Vijay came to Karma Ayurveda. 

 Dr. Puneet Dhawan the driving force at Karma Ayurveda provides Ayurvedic medicine forcreatinine. Here are some changes that were clearly noticed by the patient after getting the ayurvedic treatment. These changes were not only noticed in the reports but the patient’s family as well.

  •  A patient who was feeling weak and tired every time now feels much better and full of energy.
  •  He was undergoing dialysis before and now he is free from the pain of dialysis. 
  •  Ayurvedic treatment helped the patient to get rid of nausea and vomiting. 

 After getting the Ayurvedic medicine for creatinine from Karma Ayurveda, the creatinine level got reduced to 5.0 from 7.4. Other compounds such as urea, blood urea, and uric acid also get regulated by natural kidney treatment. The treatment took the patient far away from dialysis protocol and now it is leading him towards a healthy and disease-free life.

 The patient also tells us that he never had any bad habits. He was too health conscious but he was dependent on artificial medicines even for a headache. Artificial medicines have some harmful ingredients that not only impact the kidneys but also harm other organs of the body too. Also, artificial medicines never eliminate the causing factors of the disease; they only hold back the symptoms and that too for a very short period of time.

 Karma Ayurveda is the only ayurvedic kidney care institution that is thriving to provide kidney failure treatment without dialysis not only to limited patients but to the patients suffering from kidney disease in every corner of the world.


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