Is kidney Treatment in Ayurveda, effective?

Ayurveda is known to be an epitome of ultimate healing, as it believes in taking care of the whole body while treating a particular cause. Since its very inception, it has been immensely effective in providing a permanent solution to various kinds of diseases and eradicating it from the root. So is the case with kidney diseases.
The Ayurvedic Kidney Treatment of Karma Ayurveda, under the supervision of Doctor Puneet Dhawan has profoundly helped treat thousands of patients, irrespective of the type or stage of kidney disease the patient is in.

The reason Ayurvedic Kidney Treatment excels is its all-around approach of taking care of all the aspects of bodily improvements, i.e. mind, body, and soul, and balancing Kapha dosha (Renal impairment vitiates Kapha dosha). Ayurvedic Kidney Treatment of Karma Ayurveda uses certain self-made Ayurvedic Medicines, medicinal herbs, dietary changes, exercises, and healthy lifestyle corrections, for the overall improvement in the patient’s health conditions without dialysis or transplantation.
One more awesome testimonial of the Ayurvedic Kidney Treatment of Karma Ayurveda by one of our patient Rekha Singh, who significantly improved her kidney functions along with a visible improvement in her physical conditions as well.

Here are certain highlights of the improvement felt by Mrs. Rekha Singh, three months after the Ayurvedic Kidney Treatment of Karma Ayurveda:

  -Reduction in creatinine levels by 2.68 (from 5.08 to 2.40).
 -Blood urea levels reduced by 67.9 (from 140 to 72.1)
 -Relieved from swelling of legs and back pain
 -Improved digestion
- Overall improvement in health conditions

Doctor Puneet Dhawan is an eminent, world famous doctor in treating kidney patients without dialysis. He has successfully proved that Kidney Diseases can be treated at any stage without Dialysis or Transplantation, due to the regenerative nature of kidney cells. His approach is also towards making people aware that Dialysis or Transplantation does not come under the treatment of kidney disease at all. And his videos are a proof that Ayurvedic Kidney Treatments have helped improve kidney functions of patients without Dialysis.

The patients themselves suggest, on the basis of their experiences that how the Ayurvedic Kidney Treatment helped them heal completely and normalize their kidney functions.


  1. It proves that right diet for kidney patients is also helpful.

  2. Ayurvedic Kidney Treatment of Karma Ayurveda has shown genuinely amazing results. My uncle is leading a completely normal life now. Thanks to doctor puneet dhawan and team

  3. Ayurvedic kidney disease treatment really can do magic...

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