How Ayurvedic Kidney Treatment helped reduce blood urea levels from 147 to 58 in just 15 days?

The remarkable results of Ayurveda outstand it from all other healthcare disciplines. Since its inception, Ayurveda is functional in treating patients of almost all diseases and normalizing the conditions both internally and externally. The Ayurvedic methodologies focus on providing all around treatment by balancing the doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) and taking into consideration, all the three aspects of bodily improvement; that is mind, body, and soul.

Karma Ayurveda, in an attempt to highlight the importance of Ayurveda and its effective Ayurvedic Kidney Treatments, under the supervision of Dr. Puneet Dhawan, has helped treat thousands of patients with Kidney Disease.The Ayurvedic Kidney Treatments of Karma Ayurveda has successfully helped patients to reduce their Creatinine and Blood Urea levels and also helped them improve their physical health conditions as well irrespective of the type or stage of kidney disease the patient is in. Karma Ayurveda is one of the best Ayurvedic Kidney Treatment centers’ that has helped improve the conditions of countless patients, without Dialysis.

Ayurvedic Kidney Treatments of Karma Ayurveda has proved that kidney cells are regenerative in nature and that it doesn’t need dialysis to improve its functioning as dialysis is just a maintenance procedure, and it has nothing to do with improving kidney functions. The right diet pattern, healthy lifestyle, exercises, and Ayurvedic medicines and herbs can only help regain lost kidney functions. The Ayurvedic Kidney Treatment of Karma Ayurveda has also helped treat those patients who had lost all hopes of recovery and were on regular dialysis and allopathic treatments with the continuous deterioration of kidney functions and physical health, to bring about a substantial improvement in their kidney functions and physical health conditions as well.

One such condition is of Mr. Ravinde Kumar, from Auraiya District. His blood urea and creatinine levels were extremely elevated, with difficulties at physical levels as well Karma Ayurveda, through its Ayurvedic Kidney Treatment, has successfully helped reduce his creatinine and blood urea levels and also brought about an improvement in his physical conditions as well, without Dialysis. Through this treatment, Karma Ayurveda has helped Mr. Ravinder Kumar to reduce his blood urea levels from 147 to 58 in just 15 days and also reduced creatinine levels from 6.8 to 6.2. This proves that the Ayurvedic Kidney Treatment of Karma Ayurveda is successful in improving kidney functions. The diet and exercise recommendations, Ayurvedic medicines and herbs, and Lifestyle corrections for all-around improvement forms a part of the Ayurvedic Kidney Treatment of Karma Ayurveda.


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