Why ayurvedic kidney treatment is better than dialysis?

Kidney Failure is a condition portraying the inefficiency of kidneys to function properly. Most of the people in the world today are affected by kidney failure. Unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits increased intake of bodybuilding supplements, excessive use of pain-killers and antibiotics, family history of kidney diseases, reduced physical activities and obesity are some of the reasons behind kidney diseases. Prolonged carelessness to these reasons leads to kidney failure.

It has been generally misconceived by masses that the only solution to kidney disease is either Dialysis or Transplantation. When actually, these are just temporary quick-fixes and are both expensive and pose further health risks. The only healthcare provider that can cure the ailment permanently is Ayurveda. It possesses immaculate healing properties due to its inclusive and far-reaching approach, by working on the root cause of the problem.

Karma Ayurveda, under the supervision of Doctor Puneet Dhawan, is known to be one of the best Ayurvedic Kidney Treatment centers amongst all others. It has successfully helped more than thirty thousand patients by now, with a significant improvement in terms of physical levels and reports as well, without dialysis or transplantation. Doctor Puneet Dhawan is a renowned Kidney Expert, who has even helped improve the health conditions and revive the lost hope of those patients, who were on frequent dialysis and medications, without a single sign of improvement.

Such is the case of Mr. Naresh Mathur from Dwarka, Delhi. He was under allopathic treatment without experiencing any improvement. He had been suffering from kidney problems for 3 years and had lost all hopes. Finally, Doctor Puneet Dhawan’s Ayurvedic Kidney Treatment, helped him improve his conditions.

His condition Before Ayurvedic Kidney Treatment of Karma Ayurveda
  •  Creatinine level was on increasing trend and reached up to 12 
  •  Swelling on face and legs 
  •  Weakness 
  •  Inability to walk properly 
  •  Decreased hemoglobin levels 
  •  Doctors had advised Dialysis 
 His condition after the Ayurvedic Kidney Treatment of Karma Ayurveda
  •  Creatinine levels reduced to 7.2 
  •  Blood urea and other levels also came down 
  •  Hemoglobin levels also stabilized 
  •  Feeling physically fit and much better 
  •  Uremic Symptoms disappeared, eliminating the need for Dialysis 
 The patient himself advises people to go for the Ayurvedic Kidney Treatment of Karma Ayurveda, to improve their kidney conditions and he/she can find a visible change in just 3 to 4 months, without the need for Dialysis or Transplantation. It must be understood that Dialysis or Transplant can never give you a permanent solution; instead, it just deteriorates your health in the long run, apart from being expensive and risky.

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