Acute Kidney Disease Treatment, Reasons and Symptoms

Acute Kidney Disease Treatment
Nowadays many people are troubled by the problem of kidneys, which results in many abnormalities and symptoms that cause many other complications. Karma AyurvedaThese acute kidney failure or acute kidney disease are the conditions where the kidneys are not able to clean the excess salt with fluid from the blood. When the kidney loses its ability to filtration then the alarming level is at the highest level. These kidneys are the most frightening part of the failure and can also give many pain. This stage is also known as kidney injury or acute kidney failure.

Due to acute kidney disease: -
• Acute tubular nephrosis
• Dehydration of the body
• Poison remains in the body
other reason
It has also been observed that even lower rates of blood can destroy the kidney and kidney may cause failure. Other factors for this include: low BP burning Dehydration in the body Internal body injury surgery Gangranus Shock
• Law BP Acute Kidney
• Burning in the body
• Dehydration
• In-person injuries
• Surgery
• Gangrape shock
There are several risk factors that are involved in kidney failure which can affect the body of patients, including -
• Diseases of the kidneys
• Liver failure
• High BP
heart attack
These symptoms appear in acute kidney disease:
With sudden interruption in kidney function in acute kidney disease, waste products accumulate rapidly in the body and disturb the balance of water and electrolytes. For these reasons, symptoms of kidney failure in the patient are increasingly widespread. These symptoms can occur in different types of different types of patients.
• Loss of appetite
• Dizziness and vomiting
• Lower or stop urination
• Face, feet, and swelling in the body, breathlessness increased blood pressure
• High fever and diarrhea
• Excessive bleeding
• Breathing difficulties in hypertension, chest pain, body cramps or vomiting, blood vomiting
• Unusual heartbeats and serious and deadly symptoms such as coma are also the cause of kidney failure.
• Feeling weak in the body
• Increase the amount of potassium in the blood (due to which sudden motion of the heart may stop.
• Chills of heat also, fever, etc.
Treatment for Acute Kidney
Karma Ayurveda is one of the well-known hospitals in India, who make Ayurvedic treatment of Kidney patients. It was established in 1937 by the Dhawan family and under its leadership Dr. Punit Dhawan. Dr. Punit has already treated more than 35 thousand patients. That too without dialysis and transplant Many Kidney patients all over the world were cured by Karma Ayurveda. He has successfully treated thousands of Kidney patients with his complete natural and organic treatment techniques.

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