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Creartinine Treatment in Ayurveda - Karma Ayurveda is one of India's Best Kidney Treatment Centers for Kidney Failure Disease. Who treat patients with Ayurvedic treatment. Karma Ayurveda Hospital was established in 1937. Creatinine treatment is done in Ayurveda for kidney or other kidney disease. Dr. Punit Dhawan believes in natural and daily ways of treating all his patients. Along with this, only Ayurvedic medicines are treated by patients in Karma Ayurveda Hospital. Dr. Punit has mixed 30,000 patients with kidney disease.
Ayurveda is in India 5 thousand years ago. These are the science systems of a long life and the oldest system of health care in the world, in which serious ideas of both medicine and philosophy are involved. Ayurveda has been the whole physical, mental and spiritual development of mankind from ancient times since ancient times. These are the gifts and branches of medicine. It is a complete natural system that depends on the control of vata, bile and cough to get the right balance of your body.

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