Ayurvedic kidney specialist doctor in Lucknow Uttar Pradesh

Ayurvedic kidney specialist doctor in Lucknow Uttar Pradesh will give you th best kidney failure Ayurvedic treatment to cure the kidney conditions. Nowadays it has become normal for even youngsters to suffer from kidney diseases.
Kidneys are medium-sized organs, as big as a fist and are located in the abdominal cavity below the ribs. We have two kidneys that sit opposite to each other. They perform a number of functions. Like many other organs in the body, kidneys make the excretory system asked help in the elimination of waste and excess water from the body. Ayurvedic kidney specialist doctor in Lucknow Uttar Pradesh is here to help with the kidney conditions.
Our blood is made of several components like red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma, water, salts, sugar, vitamins, and minerals. If any of these components of blood are not present in adequate amount then the chemical composition of the blood changes which leads to other problems. Blood runs through the whole body and every organ functions because of it, therefore, if it is not getting the appropriate amount of oxygen, water or minerals, it can cause a problem. Kidneys need to eliminate all these components if found in excess. Sometimes that becomes impossible due to a number of reasons. However, when one kidney loses its function the other one can compensate for the loss. We only need one kidney to function but sometimes it can lose its efficiency too. The available treatments then remain are Kidney transplant and dialysis. 
A kidney transplant is done when the donor shares the same blood type. There are other factors that are important to match for one to be a donor, one check for the blood type, the tissue type, and crossmatch. When all three factors are affirmative, we can generally go ahead with the transplant. However, it is very important for the patient and the family to know that transplant is not a cure and there is no guarantee that the donated kidney will work properly. There are many risks associated with transplantation. The receiver may reflect the donors the kidney that may lead to organ failure. The antibodies might attack the healthy kidney or it might get infected. Therefore dialysis and kidney transplant are not hundred percent effective. Additionally, they cost a lot, it is difficult to find a donor and they are painful treatments. Therefore, it is best to go for kidney failure Ayurvedic treatment in order to ensure that you are not plagued with the disease.
Karma Ayurveda- 
Karma Ayurveda is a pharmaceutical company based in Delhi and is helping patients overcome many diseases. Kidney diseases being common and prevalent in today's society need an alternative treatment because the allopathic medicines can cause more harm than they do good. They are also expensive and do not guarantee a hundred percent solution to the problem. The disease might come back if not treated at its roots as is the case with allopathic remedies. Ayurveda focuses on curing the root cause of the problem and thereby getting rid of it completely. Ayurvedic herbs are traditionally found in the Indian subcontinent. The herbs are ground together to form a potent formula which is then administered to the kidney patients for multiple diseases. The herbs are certified and have proven beneficial to a large number of people. Doctor Puneet Dhawan, the kidney specialist at Karma Ayurveda has cured over thirty-five thousand patients and is on his way to treating more with his persistence on Ayurvedic medicine. The doctors are proficient and their help and guidance give the patients a new outlook towards life. Ayurveda not only gets rid of the problem but also helps in overcoming the damage that has happened over time. It repairs the tissue and aids in the production of red blood cells. It rejuvenates the body helping patients more incentive to recover quickly. Ayurvedic kidney specialist doctor in Lucknow Uttar Pradesh also offers the cure.

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