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Ayurvedic medicine for kidney disease Kidneys is in the organs which are responsible for filtering blood to remove all waste products. Kidneys also release hormones which control the number of blood pressure and red blood cells. The blood enters the kidney, with the turning of the waste material and through the urethra, the urine is taken out of the body through the ureter. The blood that has been filtered goes back to the body.
Infections in the kidneys, kidney stones, and chronic kidney diseases can cause bad kidney disease, none of these can worsen and kidney can cause failure.

Signs and symptoms of kidney Disease dysfunction depend on the degree of kidney involvement. If the patient's kidney loses the ability to concentrate urine, then it can develop nutria and polyurea. There is also an increased level of urea in the blood due to the progression of kidney failure, vomiting or diarrhea which can cause severe dehydration, nausea, weight loss, foamy or nausea urine. These amounts of amounts of urine, pressure or hard urine

There are no initial symptoms of chronic kidney disease, but when kidney function causes degradation:
• cause high blood pressure
• Urea accumulation, through which urethra is
• The accumulation of potassium in the blood, which can cause cardiac arrhythmia
• Reduction in the synthesis of erythropoietin, which can lead to anemia and fatigue
• Loss of synthesis of Vitamin D
• Surcharge of the amount of fluid
• Hypochalkemia and hyperparathyroidism

Ayurveda and Diet
Diet and Ayurvedic medicines can close it, perhaps indefinitely, which shows how important diet is in maintaining health. Listening to the advice of a nutritionist is important for a kidney patient at any stage of the disease. Occasionally this disease will be more serious
Karma Ayurveda - Center for Kidney Problems
Karma Ayurveda is one of the famous Ayurvedic treatment centers in India. Karma Ayurveda Hospital was established in 1937. Under whose leadership is Dr. Punit Dhawan, who is the 5th generation of Dhawan family Along with the use of Ayurvedic medicines only in Karma Ayurveda, they are freed from kidney disease. Dr. Punit Dhawan has successfully treated all patients of 35 thousand Kidneys.

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