Kidneys are the main organs in our body that help in disposing of waste and poisons and controlling the compound structure of the blood. On the off chance that the kidneys decline to work appropriately the chemical composition of the blood changes and it can lead in different sicknesses like bone deformations and hypertension and so forth. Proteinuria is one such illness and Proteinuria Ayurvedic treatment is accessible at Karma Ayurveda.

What is proteinuria?
The primary job of the kidneys is filtration. This capacity some of the time isn't completed appropriately on account of harm to the kidneys. Accordingly, a protein of the blood, generally egg whites, goes from the blood to the pee. An excessive amount of protein in the urine portrays proteinuria. This can be because of various reasons like
·         Disease in the kidneys
·         Pre-existing heart conditions
·         Hypertension or high blood pressure
·         Diabetes
·         Medications
·         Toxins
·         Immune system disorders
·         Trauma
·         Infections
·         The family history of kidney disease
·         Age over 60-65
·         Genetic diseases

Proteinuria can also develop due to excessive development of proteins in the body. Kidney diseases often have no symptoms or display no symptoms in the body. Sometimes people might take them to be symptoms of other diseases, and not get a check-up done. There are some symptoms associated with proteinuria which include:
·         Swelling in face
·         Swelling in the hands and legs
·         Foamy or frothy urine
·         Swelling in the abdomen
On the off chance that the patient had diabetes and hypertension, it is basic for the person to monitor its level regularly. Controlling diabetes would incorporate checking your glucose levels routinely and restricting the measure of sugar you take. So also maintaining a strategic distance from pressure and utilization of liquor will let down the circulatory strain of the patient. Proteinuria Ayurvedic treatment is the best answer to managing the infection. It is effectively accessible at Karma Ayurveda.

Diagnosis of proteinuria:
Identifying proteinuria is just conceivable through a urine test. Your urine sample (which is bubbly) is taken to examine the measure of protein in the urine to decide the capacity of the kidneys. This is the main strategy to definitively tell whether an individual has proteinuria or not.

Allopath expects you to treat your circulatory strain, similar to pro inhibitors to monitor your protein in the pee. In any case, this does not treat proteinuria. Allopath just disposes of the side effects present in the body. Along these lines, the best treatment accessible is Ayurvedic medication for proteinuria. Ayurveda makes utilization of a few herbs that are accessible in the Indian subcontinent, to make an incredible equation of medications used to treat proteinuria. Ayurvedic treatment does not represent any hazard to the kidneys or some other organs when contrasted with allopath. It is totally free of symptoms. Alongside Ayurvedic treatment, or is prescribed to have an authority over your eating routine so as to recoup in time.
·         One should limit three amount of protein one takes
·         Limit the amount of salt and sugar
·         Take a lot of fiber
·         Stop consumption of alcohol
·         Stop smoking

To get the right Proteinuria Ayurvedic treatment, one needs to go to a trusted doctor. Karma Ayurveda was established in 1937 and has come a long way after five generations of hard work. They have developed the finest cure for kidney diseases using herbs to treat kidney conditions. Doctor Puneet Dhawan, who is the co-founder of this organization, is a kidney specialist who has cured over 35,000 kidney patients using Ayurveda. He prefers Ayurvedic treatment over costly procedures like dialysis and kidney transplant.

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